24/7 Access


You can access Gocoworking 24/7 any day of the year through a digital fingerprint recognition system in case your schedule is out of the usual working schedule for Gran Canaria or just want to work freely without having to worry about closing or opening hours.

Meeting room


We have an independent meeting room so that you can meet with whoever you want in a private environment. You just have to book in advance in case another coworker booked it already. It is free to use for coworkers.

Printer and scanner


You can use the printer and scanner anytime you wish 24 hours a day. If you need assistance to see how they work you just have to ask any of the coworking managers.

Coffee, water and unlimited tea


Coffee is one of the main allies of entrepreneurs, like water and tea. In our coworking we have all those beverages for unlimited use.

Wifi and LAN connection


Max speed internet with optical fiber and Wifi connection in all coworking rooms. The internet also reaches our chill out area on the rooftop so that you can also get online there.



In case you want to keep your things in a locker during your stay, we have private lockers available so that you don’t have to bring things home and leave them in the office.

Chill out terrace


We know how important it is to disconnect a bit from work, get some fresh air, or simply just work in a different environment. On the rooftop we have a big relax area with couches, hammocks and city sights.

Bike parking


If you are a sport lover, you like to feel the wind or simply just like going to work by bike then we have a space inside the coworking to leave your bike. And if you come by car we also have deals with nearby parkings so that you can save some money.

Courses and workshops


You can come and give or attend a workshop whichever you prefer. You just have to keep an eye on our website and sign in. And if you are looking to teach one yourself, then we can help to organize everything.


Office and tax domicile

For regular coworkers we offer the possibility to have tax domicile and postal mail to the office.

Phone booth

If you need to make a call or private conference you can use the phone booth so that no one interrupts you